Meaningful Change Isn't easy

You're not here for a quick fix. You're here to level up.


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If becoming a better leader were easy, we'd all be awesome already.

The truth is, authentic leadership requires deep reflection and a trusted partner to help you develop. We believe in development that is:

Honest and Deep

Challenging yet supportive, we help clients recognize root-cause issues so they can address them. We employ a sense of adventure and possibility to establish the clarity needed to realize and develop true strengths. The result of this deep work is transformational change.



No kumbayah here. Our methodologies are founded in the latest research and thinking about effective leadership, personal development and high performing teams. We partner with Team Performance faculty at UC Berkeley, and all coaches are certified by an ICF accredited program.



You’re busy. You like to move quickly and see results. 

We understand the pace of your life and believe meaningful change is possible in the midst of day-to-day demands. In fact, meaningful change can help relieve the pressure of day-to-day demands to help you go from surviving to thriving.  We focus on giving you essential skills with an approach that is 100% doable.



1:1 Executive Coaching

A completely tailored development experience that helps you overcome obstacles and realize your potential. Building on a foundation of self-awareness, your coach will partner with you to set goals and create a development plan, and provide accountability as you put your plan into action.

Typically 6-month engagements, kicking off with a 360 assessment, followed by bi-weekly meetings with your coach.  


Your Team

High Performance TeaminG

Today’s fast moving teams are increasingly cross-functional, matrixed and geographically diverse.  Delivering quality output depends on the team’s ability to align around clear goals, knowledge coordination and a collaborative climate.  Vox Verum offers an assessment, based on research by Dr. Brandi Pearce, that illuminates the degree to which your team is aligned. 

This assessment is supported by day-long or multi-day workshops that help you leverage your team strengths, establish norms and accountability, and build a collaborative team climate. 


Your organization

Experiential workshops

Develop critical leadership skills in immersive, hands-on experiential workshops. More than just ‘tips & tricks’ these workshops ask participants to dig deeply into their experience, and work new leadership ‘muscles’.

Half-day or day-long experiential workshops focused around a specific skills including, Offering & Receiving Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Building Executive Presence, Storytelling, Difficult Conversations, Effective Team Management, or a custom set of skills for your audience. 


A Transformational Experience
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